Digital Marketing Influencers from Bangladesh
Digital Marketing Influencers from Bangladesh

Meet the digital marketing influencers from Bangladesh who are leading the pack in 2020.

From best digital marketing Entrepreneurs to digital marketing authors to social media namesakes, each of these individuals has proven that they are at the top of their
game in their respective industries.

Let’s roll out!

1. Khalid Farhan (Affiliate Marketing Expert in Bangladesh)

He started and grown multiple businesses from 0 to 6 figures over the years. He lives in Ireland. He writes blogs about online marketing. He is in the marketing sector for more than 9 years. He is the founder of Passive Journal University. He wrote two books on digital marketing named ‘Digital Marketing-er Golpo’ and ‘Ekhan Theke Shuru.’

He sells courses, works in Upwork. He works in an SEO company in Ireland as well. He has been mentioned in NichePersuits, NicheHacks, Warrior Forum, Online Dimes and Authority Website Income as a digital marketer in Bangladesh.

2. Nasir Uddin Shamim (SEO Expert in Bangladesh)

He is a full-time Inbound Certified online Marketer and an SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He is doing SEO for more than 10 years. He writes a blog about SEO and Other marketing techniques. He worked as a Textile Engineer, Marketing Officer, Production Manager and now he is in Internet Marketing.

He sells courses too. He works in Upwork as well. He has great success on SEO and affiliate marketing in Bangladesh.

3. Al-Amin Kabir (Internet Marketing Expert in Bangladesh)

He is an entrepreneur and marketing geek. He founded an Internet Marketing company based out of Asia. He also owns a software distribution company in Bangladesh. He is also involved in some other local and international businesses.

He is doing Internet Marketing for more than ten years. He helped dozen of companies to increase their profit by implementing marketing knowledge. He received a young entrepreneurship award from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He is also a speaker. He won SEO Award 2012 defeating almost 1500 SEO teams around the world. His company worked for more than 200 companies to rank them higher in Google.

4. Muntasir Mahdi (Content Marketing Expert in Bangladesh)

He is the founder of Optimiser, a digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. He also founded Digital Marketers in Bangladesh, the largest marketers community of Bangladesh. The EIN News Desk elected him as the best digital marketer of September 2019. Barra Magazine says he is one of the top 5 marketing influencers of Bangladesh. He is doing digital marketing for more than 6 years.

He wrote two books on digital marketing named ‘Digital Marketing-e Hatekhari’ and ‘Brainfluence: The Psychology of Marketing.’ He is an entrepreneur, blogger, and influencer. He worked as a marketing consultant for rapture entertainment and other big companies as well. He has great success on SEO, consultancy and article writing. He wrote articles for top blogs all over the world.

5. Md Faruk Khan (SEO Expert in Bangladesh)

He is an SEO Expert and a Social Media Marketing strategist from Bangladesh. He is a Business fanatic too. He spent a very large portion of his life training about digital marketing. He has been working with both small and large-scale organizations since 2014.

6. Shahajul Islam (SEO Expert in Bangladesh)

He is a professional Digital Marketing Specialist working as a freelancer. For improving business, he always applies his gorgeous and effective marketing strategies that work exactly. He is doing digital marketing for more than 2 years.

He is the Co-Founder and COO at Trendy Bangla.
He writes a lot amount of content on Digital Marketing, Health, Lifestyle, Science and Technology. He is a leader of SEO specialists at Optimiser and also provides SEO Services to locally and globally.

These are the best digital marketing influencers from Bangladesh. They are trying solely for growing more digital marketing experts. Enjoyed this article? Please do comment and share your experience and best pick.


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