How to become a web designer
How to become a web designer

How to become a web designer with no experience or free from home? Are you looking for this, all right you came to the right place. Here you’ll know much more useful information that exactly helps you to become a web designer. So if you are interested extremely you can read the whole article.

Web design is an external framework create for a website. Namely web design means such to look at a website or to determine its general appearance. Basically, the main work of the web designers is making a full web site template. If you don’t learn any programming language you couldn’t make a website. So obviously you should learn how to code for make professional website design.

At present, there are many websites in the world. And day by day it’s increasing. Most of the company have a website. And all of the people in the world try to make a personal website. The demand for web designers is so high, and there are many more people that work in the web design sector professionally.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 8 effective tips and step for becoming a professional web designer.

8 Useful Tips and Step For Learning Web Designer Properly

01. HTML

If you want to become a web designer, then, first of all, you should be learn HTML. Html means HyperText Markup Language. In fact, it is not a programming language rather a markup language that is composed of a combination markup tag. Html is the main content of the webpage.

The latest version of HTML is HTML5 which is now fully developed and innovative. HTML5 has added a new theme to add an audio, video to the website. Without Html, you can’t create a website. Obviously it should know Html accurately. There is no option without learning HTML for designing a website. So why not you learn Html properly.

You can learn step by step, such as Introduction of Html, How to edit HTML, Basic examples of Html, Elements of Html, Html Attributes, Paragraphs, styles, text formatting elements. Quotation and citation elements, HTML image, tables, links, layouts, colors and much more.

02. CSS

Second of all, you should be learn CSS. CSS means cascading style sheets. You must know about HTML before you start CSS. CSS determines how HTML elements should be displayed.

So the importance of CSS is so much. CSS helps to the HTML. At present, web page structure is created with HTML, and designed with CSS. Therefore, the role of CSS is very important to make it easier to use as well as make pages easier.

You can learn step by step, such as the introduction of CSS, CSS syntax, colors, backgrounds, border, margin, padding, box model, outline, texts, fonts, icons, links, tables, display, and etc.

03. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular scripting language used on the Internet. Yeah, you should also know JavaScript. It’s a programming language and it’s so demandable programming language. JavaScript is the main point of design a website properly. JavaScript is briefly called JS.

JavaScript was created in 1995, which was released with Netscape 2 (Browser) in early 1996 Netscape engineer Brendan Ick. Three programming languages are used for web development. JavaScript is one of the 3 languages that every web developer needs to know. JavaScript fixes the working of web pages. So I think you understand how important for learning JavaScript programming language.

04. Learn code optimize

The most important of knowing how to code optimize for a web designer. All parts of the website day by day become update. So you if want to create an attractive website and update, then you should be know code optimize.

If you’ll to able to optimize code accurately, then you can update a website quickly, you can change something, you can add anything to the website and obviously you could make a better website than others. In addition, a website becomes a problem. So if you don’t learn code optimize then if you can’t solve it. That’s why you must learn code optimization.

05. Use the right tools

Use the right tools, and then make a professional, attractive and amazing design. For solving all of these things in the world, you must be chosen the right tools, the right thing. You will need to use the latest version tools for making the latest design in the world. You have enough knowledge about the right tools for becoming a graphic designer or web designer.

By using perfect tools, you can make a perfect design so easily. There are many more tools for web design. Here I’ll tell you shortly the top 10 best tools for a professional web designer. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Avocode, Canva, CodePen Projects, Bootstrap, Duotone, CSS gradient, Checkbox,

06. Design sense & resource

You should plan before making a design. Design sense in the most important for web design or graphic design. For design sense or much more useful resources, you can follow this type of website. Such as Alist Apart, 24 ways, smashing magazine, UX movement, Site Inspire, Search English land, W3C, HTML5 Boilerplate, Adobe Kuler, Adobe BrowserLab, I Love Typography, Web Resources Depot, and Browser News. There is a lot of ideas and resource. So you can check this website, definitely your design sense day by day increase

07. Responsive design

Responsive web design is a ranking factor. Basically the responsive design means a website will become Desktop friendly, Mobile friendly and tablet friendly. Currently, when creating a new website, most of the client wants to his website to display beautifully and attractively on mobile or tablet or desktop devices especially mobile.

Because the mobile user is so much than others and its increase. Increasing the number of mobile Web day by day, these responsive design concepts are becoming more modern and demandable. And to make this responsive design work easier, there are various types of responsive tools, resources, and sites on the Internet. Now you can easily make a website fully responsive. So if you want to increase your or client website’s traffic, they must make a responsive design.

08. Learn the basics of SEO

SEO is the big term of technology. Without SEO, there is no value in the world for a website. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Without optimizing a website can’t ranking on google and couldn’t more traffic. So SEO is the most important part of the world. Basically there are 200+ ranking factors in Google.

If you want to get a higher ranking on Google, you should be followed thus one factor properly. And SEO friendly website is one of the greatest parts among 200+ terms. That’s why a designer should be making an SEO friendly website.


Hopefully, you enjoy this article and got enough points about web design. There were so many effective and high-quality tips and tricks about website design. And I think it helps to become a professional web designer with no experience and free from online at home. I recommended for your special tips, this is – If you read more, you can learn more. So if you really become a professional web designer, you should be read much more information and gathered knowledge about the subject. Then you’ll be an expert on web design.


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