how to become a graphic designer in Bangladesh
how to become a graphic designer

How to become a graphic designer with no experience or free from home? Many people ask the question to the graphic design expert for knowing accurately. Don’t worry this article is perfect for you.

Some people have a question in their mind. What education do you need to become a graphic designer? The answer is there is no need for specific education and also any degree. Any people from anywhere could learn graphic design and establish their own life and career properly.

But if you want to get a degree for graphic design you can do it. Most of the people believe it, Graphic Design is a valuable word in the IT sector. One serious question is, are you want to become a graphic designer? Okay in this article you’ll able to know how to become a graphic designer with no experience or without a degree from online. So you must be read this effective content step by step.

This is the basic module of graphic designers. Hopefully, it’ll help you so much. Let’s start reading the article, grow your knowledge and skill.

01. Introduction of Graphic Design
02. The Career of Graphic Design
03. Categories of Graphic Design
04. Research on Graphic Design
05. Sketching for beginners
06. Know about fonts
07. Know about color
08. Software for graphic design
09. From where should be the start
10. Choose one category for expert
11. Grow your creativity
12. Build a standard online portfolio
13. Introduction of marketplace
14. Some website for Graphic design
15. Keep Learning and improving

01. Introduction of Graphic Design:

There are many ways of establishing a life in the world. Graphic Design is one of the most important parts of them. Graphic Design is the process of business improvement, great communication and problem solving through art, combine text and picture as well as photography and illustration.

Who problem solving and business improvement through all of this work complete such as creative design, typography, photography, art, and illustration design, that’s known as a professional Graphic Designer. A professional graphic designer has much more demand at present and future in the world. So obviously it’s valuable for each person career. A graphic designer specialist creates great visual communication for developing their or others’ business.

02. The Career of Graphic Designer:

Graphic Design is the largest sector. There are many opportunities for a professional designer. A professional designer improves Business branding by the Magazine, Newspapers, Book, Flyer, Brochure, Letterhead, Resume, Poster, Banner, Infographics, Presentation, Illustration, Advertising, Entertainment, Films, and Social media platform designs.

They always do creative and outstanding design. As a result, a business can increase easily. A professional graphic designer makes much more earning than others. If you become a professional graphic designer you can earn money from international online marketplaces or local marketplaces or you can get a job in a better company. The salary of Professional Graphic designer is good. So as a career, graphic design is amazing and they have a high demand in the world right now. Most people work full time as graphic design, also here are part-time opportunities. So why not you’ll be the next expert of the graphic designer.

03. Categories of Graphic Design:

We already knew that Graphic Design is the biggest sector. There are a lot of design categories in the department. Such as

 Logo and branding stationery design
 Business card,
 Letterhead,
 Envelope,
 Rack card,
 Flyer,
 Brochure,
 Facebook cover photo,
 Book cover, Icon,
 Web banner,
 Calendar,
 Magazines,
 Package Design,
 Web template design
 Resume,
 Invoice,
 Poster,
 And the T-shirt design.

Some people try to an expert on one side, like logo designer, Branding stationery designer, Package designer or Web designer. And yeah this is the right topic for beginners especially. But if you want to learn everything you can. And yeah all of these things after learning you’ll be done the biggest project to the company.

04. Research on Graphic Design

If you want to know much more information accurately, you should be keeping research about the subject. Now question is, where you’ll research. Obviously google and YouTube.
If you search on google and YouTube for learning graphic design you’ll find much more effective information. And then you’ll learn basic of graphic design from home. Don’t confusion, I’m going to share with you an example. If you want to know how to learn graphic design or how to become a graphic designer. Then, first of all, you should search on google and YouTube by your keyword. As a result, you’ll find a lot of content. If you read and watch attentively to this information. Obviously, you can learn somethings exactly.
If you need a mockup of Business card or logo. You’ll be doing the search on google like best business card mockup, the best mockup of logo design, etc etc. You should follow this step for knowing something.

05. Sketching for beginners

Sketching for beginners is so important matter. Because of this, more sketching grows enough skill of designs. If you want to become a professional graphic designer, at first you should be learn drawing. Sketching obviously need and must be important, when you want to do an outstanding and creative design. Sketching is the most important part for beginners according to designer experts. More than more you should practice and grow your drawing skills. Then create an amazing and standard design for your client.

06. Know About fonts:

There are a lot of fonts for design. Such as Roboto, Lato, Helvetica, etc, etc. But the question is which fonts are the best for design. Actually some fonts used for branding design, some fonts used for various printing designs. And also there are the best fonts for logo design.

So font’s choice for any type of design is a very important subject for professional designers especially. That’s why you have to an idea about many more fonts so that you make an amazing and creative design than other designs. And if you have an idea so much about fonts, I mean if you know the name of lots of fonts, then you can better design submit quickly than another one. So definitely you have to full concept about the font.

07. Know About Color:

There is have one popular word in graphic design. This is “Without a perfect color you can’t perfect design. Color is one of the most important things in Graphic Design. Obviously you should have an idea about color.

An effective design depends on various elements among them colors are one of the most important contents for a professional designer. A professional designer study on color. There are millions of millions of color in the world. So if the designer can’t idea about colors, you’ll not able to amazing and outstanding design.

08. Introduction of Software:

Without software you can’t design anything. So the introduction of graphic design’s software should be known accurately. We know, there is much software for graphic design. But, most popular software are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe creative cloud, CorelDraw GIMP, Adobe fireworks and Adobe after effect. Most of the people use to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

09. From where should be the start

From where I should be starting to becoming a professional graphic designer. It’s a difficult question for beginners. Some designer experts say one kind of word, and some professional graphic designer says another process for starting this subject. I think firstly a beginner should learn one by one tools of the software. You must learn about all the tools of Adobe Photoshop step by step accurately. Which tools were used to? Then design a category like a logo, business card, flyer, brochure design and design of, etc.

10. Choose one category for expert

Most of the graphic design specialist says for beginners that try to an expert on a side. Like you’ll be a logo designer expert, Product package designer expert, branding designer or t-shirt designer. Then you can learn and earn easily. When you’ll start earning then you can specialist in various categories of graphic design. This is the strategy for the designer.

11. Grow your creativity

Yeah, grow your creativity. We already knew that graphic design is a creative profession. If you want to get more earning and amazing success, definitely increase your idea, thinking and creativity. Always should be practice, make new something and improve the old design by your creativity.

12. Build a standard online portfolio

A professional designer builds a standard online portfolio. Because if you have lots of design samples, you’ll able to get the biggest project easily. Sometimes clients want to design a sample or portfolio of design. So build up a standard online portfolio. You can submit your whole design in as well as a dribble. And you can make a portfolio website. As a result, grow your creativity and skill so easily.

13. Introduction of Marketplace

A professional graphic designer must be known about the online marketplace. There is a lot of online marketplace for a Graphic designer, Web designer, Internet marketer and etc.
These are the most important and valuable marketplace for Graphic designers. Since these marketplaces are international, so you have to more skills for working here.

14. Some website for graphic design:

Have some websites in the online platform for a graphic designer, it’s necessary for knowing. Because here you’ll found more resource of graphic design. Among this effective resource, you’ll make a professional and accurate design.

This is:


15. Keep learning and improving:

Yeah, this is the point. If you want to an expert on graphic design, you should keep learning and improving your concept, design, portfolio, etc. Need to increase your design skill day by day. More practice and more design make you a professional graphic designer in the world. So keep learning and improving your design.

Conclusion: Hopefully it already knew much more useful information about graphics design as well as how to become a professional and creative graphics designer step by step. If you have any questions, you can ask. And yes, always try to search on google and YouTube for learning extra things about graphics.


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